ConChaMo — Modeling Conceptual Change

Main building, University of Helsinki

"Cognitive and Computational Modeling of Conceptual Change in Learning Science and Science Education" consists of a series of interdisciplinary workshops focusing on conceptual change, a central notion of many contemporary accounts of science learning. Conceptual change refers to learning process, where learners do not merely accumulate more knowledge, but where their conceptions of phenomena in a certain domain undergo a restructuring process, leading from commonsense beliefs to scientific conceptions.

The next workshop, ConChaMo 5, will be held in Porvoo, Finland in June 2013.

The general goal of the workshops is to open up new empirical and methodological avenues for research in conceptual change and to make it more theoretically relevant and practically useful for science education. The workshops bring together scholars, who work on different aspects of conceptual change in a joint effort to understand how conceptual change can be characterized theoretically, how the models developed in the various disciplines work, and how they can be applied to the domain of science learning and science education.

The main themes of the workshops are:

  1. What is the current state of the art in conceptual change research?
  2. What actually constitutes the conceptual change?
  3. What are the mechanisms of conceptual change?
  4. How the process of conceptual change could be modelled in an exact way?

The series of workshops consists of five meetings taking place during the two-year period from 2012 to 2013 with several invited visiting scholars.